Koskenkorva - Valhalla Herb Liqueur 50cl

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Koskenkorva Valhalla is a strong herb liqueur that combines Nordic herbs with ancient Scandinavian mythology. Valhalla is made with Koskenkorva as the base, and a mix of herbs – mainly Achillea millefolium, Artemesia absinthium and Angelica archangelic. The herbs are carefully selected, extracted and distilled. The recipe is blended, then matured to allow the unique spices to meld together. Enjoy Valhalla as an ice cold shot or try it in cocktails. It is also nice combination with hot chocolate. The spirit of Valhalla is grounded in Nordic heritage and the origin of local ingredients - the potent herbs charged with mythical powers. Valhalla is made from plants that have to whitstand rough conditions to survive and grow. This evolutionary process is what makes Nordic plants, resulting in a distinctive and powerful taste. A worthy combination of citrus, bitter herbs and spices rounded with licorice root. The taste is strong, gently bitter, sweet, rough, and complex with a fresh after taste. Reducing sugar: 150 g/l Alcohol Content: 30 %
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Brand Koskenkorva
Paketstorlek 50cl

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