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Dare to be more sensual than ever with l’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge Ultime. A voluptuous white flower bouquet laced with warm cacao shell fuse together. The forbidden has never been so hard to resist.

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L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge Ultime

Feel the intensity of this new olfactory addiction and dive in the mesmerizing scent of L’Interdit New Eau de Parfum Rouge Ultime.


A Thrilling Duo

Two must have beauty legend collide the flame of obsession.


L’Interdit Fragrances

Transgressive. Subversive. Addictive. Dare to discover the iconic range of L’Interdit fragrances.


Hugo Boss Bottled Pacific Eau de Toilette

Dive into summer with Boss Bottled Pacific Eau de Toilette. Aromatic and woody, this refreshing scent infused with a jolt of lemon, a splash of coconut, and a dash of salts brings renewed energy to the Boss Bottled signature.

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